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Who are we?

The consulting firm AGC was founded in 2010 by Annick Gouba-Guibal to support organizations, initiatives and individuals at the start of their business and in the stages of transformation they are going through. Our DNA...
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Our expertise

Public policy Evaluation and analysis Accompaniment and implementation of support for the formation of political strategy Formulation of public policies Project management Design Monitoring and evaluation Support and support for the implementation of projects Training...
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Our commitments

We believe it is essential to address multiple issues, to consider holistically the complexity of situations and interactions within our society. We are committed to joining our global and sustainable vision, considering social, environmental and...
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We have been working with AGC Consulting for seven years and appreciate the quality of their commitment, the strength of their involvement, their professionalism, their skills and their integrity. AGC Consulting listens to its partners, is a force for strategic proposals, effective in operations, and always ready to take on challenges. We recommend AGC Consulting without any reservations.

Annick Balocco, Director of Medair France

Camaro Foundation
Camaro Foundation

Thanks to AGC we have built and maintained, among other things, an atypical and innovative dream project for 10 years in West Africa.

I hold the AGC team in great esteem, having worked with them several times in very different contexts, such as management consulting projects or the support of socio-cultural and artistic projects for children in danger.

What is striking about each collaboration is the ability to analyze the context of the problem and the great availability of mind. Diplomatic sensitivity is part of AGG's personality; it is addressed with the same attention and curiosity to a tycoon (O tycoon) as to a street child. Through this sensitive intelligence and particular AGC manages to navigate a developing world in which codes are constantly evolving by creating negotiating conditions with partners that were previously bound.

With the great pleasure of working together again…

Paula Hanke, Member of the Board, Alexander Foundation – Renata Camaro, Berlin, Germany



As AGC evolves, we have developed a very professional approach to piloting consulting missions. AGC helps to pacify stakeholder relationships by finding the words and words that connect, adopting a soothing tone and exuding the best of each other's problem-solving skills. AGC also has a real ability to extract, among a mass of information, those that make sense, to accompany its partners to do the same, and then to contribute dynamically to bring out an added value that will make sense for the sponsor. Finally, within AGC, Annick has a personality that is both true and endearing, a "beautiful person" as I rarely meet.

Christian Hughes, Associate Director, EVALUA.



I had the pleasure of working with AGC on two evaluations for large public institutions, each of which required creative and rigorous investigative work. During these missions, from the definition of the method to the recommendations to the field, Annick sought with unalterable will the solutions that could work, be accepted and recognized as making things happen, and move people forward. She is infinitely more demanding of herself than of her clients, which seems singular to me in the world of consulting. She is almost the type of interlocutor who is tempted to say constantly "what are you proposing? ", not because they criticize, but because they will always find something to offer.

Frédéric Lefebvre-Naré

consulting engineer, Isée dataSTRATEGIES
Associate Expert, OperationData
Associate Scientific Director, Net-conversations