The consulting firm AGC was founded in 2010 by Annick Gouba-Guibal to support organizations, initiatives and individuals at the start of their business and in the stages of transformation they are going through.


The encounters we make, facilitate or initiate are often innovative and allow us to co-build in interdisciplinarity.

From one mission to another, we consolidate achievements and methods, but we also dare to shake up our certainties and challenge ourselves. The canvases are useful, the processes essential but we consider that they should not prevent the consideration of the diversity of contexts and needs, it is at this price that our relevance and our performance are. Our boat is agile, light and resilient. We offer (ourselves) the luxury of “tailor-made”.

In the various projects implemented, AGC often acts as an “assemblier” of different skills, coordinator of different partners, interface and project manager.

AGC operates in France, including Overseas, Europe and Africa for public and private actors and international organisations.

Our team

Our working time is not a parenthesis but a full part of our lives.